Pinot noir

Pinot noir Estate 2016

Wine district:

Wine-growing country Primorje, Vipavska dolina




100 % Pinot noir


Tilia estate:
Potoče (0.8 ha, altitude 120 m a.s.l.), 5400 vines/ha, plant age 18 years,
Pliska (1 ha, altitude 170 m a.s.l.), 6000 vines/ha, plant age 6 years,
single guyot training system.


marl, clay

Wine Yield:

40 hL/ha




March 2018


3000 bottles / 250 cases


14.5 vol. %


1.2 g/L


5.5 g/L



Recomended serving temperature


Wine Technology:

All the vines are very low yielded. Grapes are rich, very well matured, part of yield already slightly dried out.
Before maceration a part of the must is taken away to concentrate colour and tannins. 10 – 12 days of maceration in stainless steel tank. The wine is aged for 16 months in Slavonian and French Louis Latour oak barrique barrels. Controlled malolactic fermentation and 6 months of active batonaging.

Wine Description:

Excitingly robust. Elegant after 3 – 5 years.
Matured, typical of longer maturation. Red wine of matured aromas of ripe forest fruit, dry plums and jam. Smoky and with hits of soil on the palate and nose.
The wine is matured, drinkable now but also suitable for some aging 6 – 10 years.

Food and Wine

Because of its richness recommended to all kinds of red meat, venison and spicy dishes.

Weather Characteristics of Vintages:

Late spring, budding only at the beginning of April. Blooming finished late – at the end of June. Summer temperatures favourable, without extremes, up to 32 C, uniform distribution of rainfall with a dry period at the beginning of August. Dry and slightly windy September prolongs to October. Early varieties harvested in the first week of September, harvest finish 10 October.

The Minister of Health warns: Drinking alcohol can be harmful to health!