EL, Rosé brut nature sparkling wine, classical method 2021

Wine district:

Vipava Valley, SW SLOVENIA




60 % Chardonnay, 40 % Pinot noir


Potoče, Pliska, Nad hišo


marl, clay

Wine Yield:

80 hL/ha




August 21 2022


2800 bottles


12.0 vol. %


2.6 g/L


8.45 g/L



Recomended serving temperature


Wine Technology:

Base wine: pressing of whole grapes, must sedimentation and joint controlled fermentation of both varieties in the same tank. Quick first transfer without sulphurisation. Mixing fine yeast sediment for two months, followed by protein and tartar stabilization.
Secondary fermentation: start March 15 2021, duration 45 days.
Lying on yeast 12 months.
Deguage: successive, maximum 200 bottles at a time without adding expedition liqueur and sulfur.

Wine Description:

The wine has playful rosé shades, dense, permanent chains of fine bubbles. On the nose fresh berries and roses, on taste extreme freshness that emphasizes the dryness. The overall impression is rounded off by already perceptible tertiary notes of apple chips. The wine belongs to a niche of sparkling wines.

Food and Wine

Due to its lightness, the wine is suitable as an aperitif and can be offered at various banquets, and due to its freshness, it is a suitable accompaniment to all fish dishes, both raw and grilled, various risottos and pasta.

Weather Characteristics of Vintages:

The vintage is among those when nature determines what is right. Very low temperatures in early spring, more winter-like than spring-like (down to -7 ° C) destroyed early budding, however the vines were spared & classic spring frost didn’t occur. The cold caused the vine to struggle with the sun and rain throughout the vegetation to make up for lost time. Despite a relatively favorable summer, it lagged behind in the final ripening phase by one week. At the end of August a long period of extremely dry weather began. Dry and windy weather in early September concentrated everything that wildlife has created through photosynthesis – acids and sugar. Start of harvest 20 August (sparkling), conclusion 12 October (Merlot). The vintage is both rich in body and fresh, suitable for quick consumption as well as for maturing through the decade.

The Minister of Health warns: Drinking alcohol can be harmful to health!